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"Where is the Light?"

"Where is the Light?"

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Title:  “Where is the Light?”

Date:  11/6/2023

Medium:  Oil-based Ink on Stonehenge Paper

Size:  11x14"

Artist:  Kristen Hall

“Where is the Light?” depicts a hummingbird feeder surrounded by lilies in a night sky.  Rays of light beam out from the feeder suggesting the divine.  

The design of this print came from two separate ideas:  

First, my neighborhood has a particular street that is always catching the morning light in a unique way.  The canopy of trees creates darkness even when dawn has broken.  Sunlight dances between the homes as the sun tries to break through the barrier of objects.  A neighbor’s lilies caught the morning light in such a beautiful way that I had to photograph it! 

Second, the hummingbird feeder comes from my own backyard at dusk.  The red, yellow, and green glow at that hour in a seemingly impossible way.  This glow is God’s presence for me in nature.  However, it also is a depiction of my constant internal battle.  I often wonder why God is allowing me to suffer with pain when I believe He could cure it.  Despite it all, I know God is present and listens to my pleas.

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