What is Linocut?

What is Linocut?

I get this question ALL the time and would love to give you a brief explanation!  Linocut falls under a type of art called printmaking.  Printmaking is its own art category like drawing, painting, sculpture, etc...  Printmaking allows the artist to make MANY original copies to sell versus just one drawing or painting.

Most people have used a stamp in their lifetime.  Think of linocut as a stamp in which the artist carves the design with a sharp tool.

The word linocut comes from "linoleum".  Many people have used linoleum as a flooring in their house.  Traditional linoleum is very difficult to carve (in my opinion).  Below is a picture of the "soft-kut" linoleum that I order from Blick Art Materials.



Printing Press or Hand-printed?

Linocut artists can choose to hand-print their work or buy an etching press.  I chose to buy a small press due to the neuropathy and muscle issues in my arms.  It helps SO much!  


But how do you print?

For those individuals that are interested in the process of printmaking, below you will find two videos that show how I ink the linoleum block and run it through the printing press.  

Inking the Linoleum Block:


 Printing on an Etching Press