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Abby's Garden Linocut Card

Abby's Garden Linocut Card

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Hand-printed linocut card 5" X 6 7/8" (12.7 X 17.4 cm) with Envelope. Limited edition print. Subtle, individual differences apply to linocut editions (alignment, small ink imperfections). The customer will receive one print from the edition (not necessarily the EXACT one photographed). Please contact Kristen Hall with questions.

Also available as a computer printed card!

The Story Behind the Image:

I met Abby while walking my beagle, Ellie.  I paused for awhile at the garden surrounding her mailbox because it was filled with butterflies.  Many times butterflies will fly away when they see a human coming towards them.  On that particular day, I was able to get up close and take a picture of them with my iphone.  Abby saw me hanging out by her mailbox and decided to come say hello.

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