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One Moment at a Time

One Moment at a Time

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Material/Size:  Oil-based Ink on 11x14” Buff Velvet, Legion Somerset Paper.  Limited Edition of 18 prints.  Subtle differences in alignment/ink apply to original prints.

About the Print:

“One Moment at a Time” was created in honor of one of my dear neighbors. The three hibiscus flowers that are pictured, were based off of several photographs that I took in their front yard in July of 2022.

I had already started sketching the hibiscus design, when I looked out my window in March of 2023 and saw my neighbor being put into an ambulance. This event influenced the artwork because I felt a deep sense of sadness and empathy for them. I know what it is to suffer daily with pain and I did not want their family to go through that experience.

Later in the sketching process, I was met by a bird in my garden that looked at me for quite some time. God’s voice seemed to speak to me at that moment and say, “All we have is this moment in time. We must take each moment one at a time”. I added this bird to the hibiscus design.

Over the next several weeks of lent, I continued to create the artwork. It turned into a form of prayer and meditation about my neighbor’s health situation. Due to my daily migraines, there was not a lot I could physically do to help them. But…..I could make artwork and pray for them!

I hope this artwork will remind the viewer to take each moment at a time.
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