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Title:  “Fly”

Medium:  Acrylic Ink on BFK Rives Paper

Size: 5x7”

Artist:  Kristen Hall

Date:  2023

“Fly” depicts a cropped, monarch butterfly against a blue sky.  At the top, left corner of the artwork, white rays of light appear to shine in the direction of the butterfly.  

The butterfly is purposely cropped in this print.  The wings appear to be “clipped” on both sides to the viewer.  Maybe the edge of the butterflies' wings are unremarkable, perfect, or flawed.  Unfortunately, the viewer cannot see the whole picture.  No matter what the whole butterfly looks like, it is still traveling towards the light.

This relates to my own chronic migraine journey.  Often I feel that my wings are flawed and I cannot reach my full potential due to pain.  However, my viewpoint is what determines my own “success”.  It makes me consider how changing my own frame of reference could change my life.  

How could changing your viewpoint change your life?

*This purchase is for the PRINT ONLY.  It does NOT include a frame.

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